1. Please see the Getting Started Form for the list of recommended labs. We recommend having these labs prior to a hormone replacement consultation.

2. Call to make an appointment with one of our pharmacists by calling 509-343-6252. The appointment will need to be set up for a time after we receive the test results. No recommendations for prescriptions will be made without this appointment. Charges for the consultation and billing procedures will be explained at that time. We do make telephone appointments for those who can not get to Spokane.

3. Patients will need to fill out a health history, medication history, and general questionnaire which, to save time, can be printed, mailed out or faxed and completed before the appointment OR patients can come early and fill it out before their appointment.

4. After the pharmacist completes the consultation with the patient, a suggested recommendation for hormone therapy, if appropriate, will be faxed to the practitioner for review.

5. All prescriptions will be run through the patients insurance, and ONLY the co-pay will be charged to the patient. There will be no additional compounding fee added to the co-pay.

6. Patient will be notified when the prescription is ready and the patient may either pick the prescription up at the pharmacy or we will mail the prescription to the patient via U.S.P.S. Please call the Pharmacy for current pricing and other shipping options.

7. Refills may be mailed out to the patient either at their request or after signing up for our automatic refill program.

8. We recommend that patients call back in 3 weeks for follow up to ensure therapy is optimal and all symptoms are being resolved.

9. Patients should be monitored on an annual or bi-annual basis with lab values so that therapy is optimal and physiologic.