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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The confidence I have in the knowledge, and experience, of your pharmacists, as well as the rest of your staff."

"The friendliness of the people and the efficient order processing."

"It is the only pharmacy that is a compounding pharmacy!"

"Easy to work with"

"You made it possible for me to get this prescription at a reasonable price. Thank you!!"

"The girls up front!"

"Feels like friends"

"Knowledgeable pharmacists who are willing to answer questions."

"Small business who provides services for neighborhood locals, without the unnecessary informalities of a large company. You make me feel appreciated as a customer."


"Locally owned; super helpful; friendly service!"

"The girls at the front desk, and the efficiency of refills."

"Shelly is FANTASTIC!!!! You take such great care of your customers :) Much Appreciated!"

"You think outside the box to help people."

"I appreciate the mail order service! Living over 60 miles away, it makes my ability to refill my prescriptions easy."

"I can get an Rx in the mail."

"You guys ROCK!"


"The people!!! Always SO nice!"

"Efficient and friendly"

"Your staff is amazing. Patient advocacy at its best!!!"

"Simple, affordable, convenient"

"The ability to use this app"

"The staff has been wonderful for over four years. LOVE THEM! The discount has helped. "

"You compound, you mail, and the prescriptions from you, work."

"Fast service"

"I see no faults."

"You made it possible for me to get a compounded prescription, at a price that I could handle. This medicine has helped my every day life. Thank you and blessings."

"I appreciate the reply email that lets me know you received my request =)"

"The ease in refilling my compounded script. Great website that's easy to use. It's very helpful to refill my script online, and then have it mailed to me. Saves me time, and a long drive."

"Fast and easy to work with"

"The quick turnaround is fabulous, especially when you forget to refill and you only have a few pills left!"

"Easy to work with"

"Super nice people!!!"

"Amazing patient advocacy!!"

"You have the best staff!"

"Couldn't live without."

"Great people!"

"Very easy to order and have my prescription sent to me. Thanks for your help."

"Thanks for all you guys do!"

You can help Riverpoint Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!